DISRUPT these Hiring Practices NOW!

This is a call for a revolution in hiring practices -- a complete disruption of a set of systems/practices that DO NOT work for applicants or for companies.  


 Let's disrupt the following hiring systems and practices:    

1.  Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) that collect data that is never used. The ATS becomes a gate rather than a portal for new applicants.  

2.  Applicant Tracking Systems that require the "salary history"  before an application can be completed.  Why?  This weeds out candidates who may be great for the job, and will be eager to trade off cash for other incentives.

3.  Radio Silence.  Some companies DO NOT provide feedback to applicants.  Not even if the job is closed.  Pity the poor applicant who is waiting for an update! 

4.  Posting GHOST jobs.  Posting jobs that don't exist is a waste of applicants' time and energy.   And it may subvert human resources policy, as when a person tells an internal applicant "You've got the job... we just have to post for 48 hours -- but don't worry, no one else will be considered!"   

5.  Interviewing with EVERYONE in the department.   Often people who are tangential to the position interview the applicant.   Why? 

6.  NO interview COORDINATION.  There are instances where a company has multiple people interview a candidate, but doesn't  bother to ask everyone who has participated for their feedback.  Too busy to coordinate?  Don't have hordes interviewing!

7.  Using INTELLIGENCE as the MAIN CRITERION for hire.   Intelligence is not that easily determined.  And intelligence takes many forms.  Are you sure you have the right questions, asked in the right ways to determine the intelligence of an applicant?

8.  MANDATING CULTURE FIT.   Know of a company who only wants to hire people  who "fit" their company culture.  Haven't they heard that cultural diversity yields a more innovative workplace?

9.  FIVE PAGE LISTS of "required" skills and experience. Or, FOUR page lists ... Or, THREE page lists... well you get the idea.  If you can't describe it in a page, you MAY NOT know what you want from the job or the applicant. 

If you know of a recruiting practice that needs disruption... ADD TO THIS LIST.   

Then let's get to work making the application process work for the applicant AND the company.