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What You Face

You know your company can improve. But it can be hard to become a better company when you struggle with day to day issues, clients and people, who need to be better first. 

  • Lackluster company performance
  • Uneven individual performance
  • Bickering teams
  • Leaders without leadership ability
  • Company behaviors that are dysfunctional and may be affecting the bottom line

The good news? We have proven methods for addressing these challenges and helping you move forward.

What We Do

  • Listen and assess issues from several angles using data gathered from several sources
  • Involve you (and other key stakeholders, as needed) to re-frame issues into solutions
  • Collaboration with you and your key stakeholders to optimize the success of implementation
  • Provide behind the scenes advisory services to achieve success
  • Succession Plans
  • Retention Plans
  • Communication
  • Employment Branding
  • Restructure
  • Building Trust and Transparency
  • Incorporating Meaning
  • Goal-setting
  • Understanding Roles
  • Leveraging Strengths
  • Goal Assessment
  • Nurturing an Active Network
  • Honest Feedback
  • Removing Obstacles to Growth
  • Negotiating Advancement

We are YOUR TEAM when you need limited-term support.  

We choose among our collaborative experts in

  • business (strategic decision-making, organizational structure, etc.) 
  • employment branding and talent retention
  • human behavior, learning and
  • organization development  

 to address your needs.  

Among our teammates are experts such as...


Patricia Palleschi, Ph.D

Pat has the blend of academic and real-world experience that will assure a successful outcome, whether you need a coach, a team builder or an expert to lead you through an organizational transition. She is adept at helping executives chart successful careers and assists companies to address business issues that affect their employees.  Pat has extensive experience providing strategic leadership in business and academic environments. In addition to executive consulting, she has taught courses and led seminars at the undergraduate and graduate level. Pat holds numerous degrees and professional certifications. 

Pat Palleschi on LinkedIn

Jeanne Hartley

Jeanne Hartley, MSOD has been an organization development / training and development practitioner for for over 25 years. She has worked in manufacturing, service and non-profit environments helping line managers improve individual, team and organizational performance. Her organizational experience includes conducting climate assessments, and recommending and implementing solutions to discovered problems. She has facilitated strategic planning, led change management and performance improvement efforts. She has led design and delivery teams for management development programs, management feedback and assessment, team building, and group facilitation. In her work, Jeanne also serves as a development coach for individual leaders.

Jeanne Hartley on LinkedIn

Larry Wilk 

Larry is an innovative, multi-disciplined executive with global experience in the Media, Entertainment, and Retail Industries. Deep and diverse experience in operations, strategy & business development, and system/technology implementation. Experience in 15+countries with start ups and transformations.

Larry Wilk on LinkedIn

Jennifer Carlson

Throughout her career, Ms. Carlson has helped senior executives take their performance to new levels. She has redesigned organizations for greater efficiency. She has developed complex training programs for global organizations, and has led major change initiatives impacting multiple business divisions. The common thread? Her ability to help businesses achieve their true potential through effective HR management. 

Jennifer Carlson on LinkedIn

Lisa Bell Roden

Lisa likes to help rock stars from all walks of life to achieve their goals. She is practiced at producing visual and written content for businesses of varying sizes. She also advises companies on ways to leverage social media to connect with prospects and customers. 

Lisa Bell Roden on LinkedIn


Among other colleagues who join TEA project teams are Irv Margol (COO level experience; CEO level coach),  Harry Saunders (Decision Process Expert), and Freddy Nager (Marketing/Social Media Expert).

To date, TEA has a developed a collaborative agreement with more than 10 coaches on assignments and can quickly develop a cadre of coaches suitable for your specific needs.

TEA works closely with some of the most prominent Search Firms, most notably, Gary Matus at RSR Partners, to solve the needs of clients.



Being a part of a wider community is important to us. We are pleased to be able to hold events and seminars that bring professionals together for connection and growth experiences. 


Women on Boards Luncheon 

The Executive Agency hosted a table for the WOB 20/20 Luncheon at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.  

There were over 400 women (and men) interested in learning how to increase the diversity of Fortune 1000 Board Members present. 

Interested in details for next year?  Contact Pat at


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