Time for a Quantum Leap from 2008 attitudes to 2015 realities!

QUANTUM LEAP: 2008 to 2015! 

Aug 15, 2015


My colleague, Marilyn Tullius, Opportunity Strategist/Advocator, replied to a recent post about disrespect for applicants with the following example...

"I consulted to a CMO applicant who was approaching the end of an extensive interviewing and vetting process. He was requested to provide two-paragraph responses to 13 questions. Tucked in at No. 9 was: "What would your strategy for the company be?" Consider that six competing applicants might respond to this question. Doesn't that resemble a qualitative survey designed to yield of the best thinking in that niche market? NDA's notwithstanding."

What are the ethics of using an applicant's intellectual property without payment?  Is it respectful of the individual?  

 Hmm….Perhaps that was an isolated case…?

Then I spoke with an executive who was  surprised  when the company executive team wanted to lay off an IT employee without providing a small layoff package.  The employee had moved thousands of miles from home for the job.  And, one year later — through no fault of his own — he was told that the company had misjudged the needs of the position.  He was no longer a "right fit."

Good bye, no severance, and good luck in the search for a new position!  (Is that respect?)

Hmm….Maybe two isolated cases…?  

Then, I thought about the rise of GLASSDOOR —an online site where prospects and  employees are "yelping" their concerns about disrespectful treatment at an ever increasing rate!  Concerns:  Not a good hiring process!  No stable careers!  No — or minuscule pay --increases! No respect for their work, their personal life…, etc!  

How does this jive with The Fed announcement in the papers that in 2015 we are blessed with a "fully employed" workplace and a "war for talent."  

My opinion?   Sure we are respectful of talent in some instances, but in most…not so much. 

We have programmers, software engineers, and others who are being fought over and fawned over, and others who are treated like they are … fungible.   

Companies are inadvertently violating THEIR OWN values by acting like some prospects and employees are not "valued team members." 

Time for a quantum leap from 2008 when there was an employment glut to 2015 with "full" employment.  Time to respect ALL prospects and employees. Heck, It just makes a good sense.