Pat brings to us the experience, skill and capability of being a true business partner with us. She has directly – and by her influence on her team, indirectly – made significant impact with what we do. This is most impressively …
— John Troup, Chief Scientific Officer, Metagenics
I’m the founder and Executive Director of The Tiyya Foundation, a start-up grassroots organization in Orange County. Our mission is to help refugees and displaced American families in the community. Although we do great work, our board structure needed undivided attention and guidance. With Pat’s keen insight, patience, and professionalism; I was guided on developing a structure for the Board of Directors, selecting a new Board Chair for Tiyya, and cultivating an amazing team. Through hours of consultation, an all-day retreat, and regular follow ups; Tiyya’s Directors have made 100% contributions to Tiyya financially and go above and beyond their call of duty. We believe that more refugee families will be served with quality, because of Pat’s guidance & support.
— Meymuna Hussein-Cattan, Founding Director of The Tiyya Foundation
You did a fantastic job for us at Metagenics. You were the right person at the right time to help us move forward. Thanks for solving some of our thorny issues, helping us secure a great new VP of HR, holding the HR team together, providing wise counsel to us and mostly for just being YOU!
— Mary E. Chowning, Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer, Metagenics
Thank you, Pat, for helping us transition and hire our next VP of HR. You brought order and calm to the HR team helping to navigate the some difficult issues. You provided insights to executives as they pushed forward the re-design of a compensation plan, as well as a refresh of executive succession planning. Those were all huge HR issues that needed to be addressed and could not wait until we hired a replacement for the top HR slot.
— Key Executive and Board Member
I’ve had the distinct pleasure of offering training courses with Pat Palleschi through her company, The Executive Agency. Not only is Pat an unrivaled expertise in the fields of HR and career management, she’s also one of the most generous and thoughtful professionals I’ve ever met. There’s no bull here – just smart, sincere advice delivered in a straightforward matter. I enthusiastically recommend her services to any corporation that wants to boost the morale and productivity of its talent base, and to any executive who’s ever thought “there’s got to be more to my career than this.” She’s already enhanced my professional practice just through our conversations. I look forward to working with Pat for many years to come.
— Freddy J. Nager, Marketing Strategist | Professor of Marketing | Founder of the Creative Strategy Agency Atomic Tango LLC
I had the good fortune to work with Pat during my career transition. Pat is an amazing coach and was very effective at helping me see my strengths and to discover what I was passionate about. Pat knows what it takes to find a job in today’s environment and helped me create a search structure to target those companies and people I wanted to connect with. Pat taught me how to network, connected me with people in her own network as a starting point, and introduced me to hiring managers. Transitions are rarely easy, but Pat made it an adventure in self-discovery and I actually enjoyed the process. I highly recommend Pat to anyone who is going through a transition or who is looking to expand their career.
— Terri Shimohara, Director of Administration at NC4
I would highly recommend Pat to executives in transition or those who are looking to take their game to the next level. I have worked with her as have others in my network and her wise counsel has proven to be very valuable! While there are many players within the coaching realm, Pat’s time at Disney differentiates her. Those who work with her will benefit from the executive insights gleaned from this high-performing, “fast track” company.
— Dave Pedersen
Pat is a superb coach and mentor for professionals in management and the HR field. She is creative and supportive. Her advice and feedback are precise and insightful. She demonstrates a personal interest in her clients. She helps open doors to opportunities. She has a deep understanding of how people perform in organizations and what it takes to improve performance. I believe Dr. Palleschi would make valuable contributions to any organization.
— Principal and Senior Human Capital Consultant -McLaughlin & Associates