Use the Golden Rule to Master LinkedIn Networking

Are you happy with your LinkedIn profile?  Well, you may never be completely happy — but, no worries!  You can always change it to fit your new situation.  

Now, stop worrying about wording and start thinking about how to get "hits" — your goal is to get at least 500 contacts, and, more importantly, about six people a day looking at your profile (with half being recruiters!)

1.  Make sure that your profile contains at least 20 key words related to your industry. Remember to wordle or highlight key words from job descriptions you like to get to the key word.  

2.  Optimize your Title Tag: Try using a short slogan like "IT Executive Who Speaks Business." Or, "Bill Boards? — That May Be My Copy!" or "Sales, Marketing, Data AND Interpersonal Skill."

3.  Make sure your profile DOES NOT read like a job description. Your LinkedIn profile is more personal (use the top for statements that describe only YOU). Your experience should emphasize OUTCOMES and accomplishments.

4.  Show the breadth of variety of interests that you have (just don't over do it). Pick three or four: Yoga, Health, Alternative Medicine may be useful if you are looking to market Whole Foods,  but not useful if you are going to be an attorney for Ball Park Franks. 

Do not use polarizing interests. Stay away from mentioning that you are in support of Donald Sterling or Bob Dylan. (I had to do that! When can you use both of those names in ONE sentence!)

5.  Join groups related to your industry and make comments regularly.  Comment positively on others' comments. Take a moment to look them up on LinkedIn.  Endorse them if appropriate.

6.  Spend a few hours a week just "paying it forward."  Start recommending others that you know.  Send messages to contacts.  Congratulate them.  

7.  Consider creating your own group -- for instance, Los Angeles Marketing Gladiators.  

8.  Finally, follow the golden rule: Connect  others (and they will connect you).

There are many more technical things you can do to bulk up networking on LinkedIn… but the Golden Rule trumps all!