John Troup, Chief Scientific Officer, Metagenics

Pat brings to us the experience, skill and capability of being a true business partner with us.  She has directly – and by her influence on her team, indirectly – made significant impact with what we do.  This is most impressively seen in the very effective work provided in the R&D transformation and the management of the people ‘process’.

As important, there may be one overlooked skill Pat provides which we may be under-utilizing but could transform us to a high performance team.  Her experience in organizational design, talent identification and team leadership/interaction makes such a difference in helping define ways of working and reaching new levels of achievement with and by our teams.  She has and can continue to teach and help our entire management team make the difference you expect from us all.  She and her HR team are a specialized group of experts that we are fortunate to have working with us.  This would be a hard team to replace as none of them fit a cookie cutter/dime a dozen role.

Having worked with some of the best HR professionals available in my career, I can say with confidence that Pat exceeds the capabilities and impact I’ve previously seen from her HR peers. This is transferred to …(her HR Team)…whom have done incredibly good work for us in a variety of challenging situations.